These Android Apps On Google Play Store Steal Your Bank Details and Passwords – Uninstall Them

Android users are vulnerable by bourgeois Applications published on Google Play Store. One needs to be extra careful to know which is spyware adware, ransomware or malicious app.

As it’s been stated by researchers, a lot of apps on the Google App store infringing and contain malicious scripts that goes beyond users permission to steal their bank information, credit card details and also send fake text messages to you in order to steal your credentials including passwords.

Some of these malicious apps even pretend to have been protecting you in form of antiviruses, phone cleaner, speed booster etcetera. Don’t fall victim.

Cybersecurity experts, after making deep research found out that there are as many as 29 sneaky Trojans out there that are hard to detect. The Trojans In this case, are related to a particular family — Red Alert 2. In 2019

The Trojans typically can be controlled from a remote connection and are capable of dynamically targeting any other app present on the victim’s device.

“They use to pretend to be sending you customized phishing attacks along with activities like intercepting and redirecting text messages to bypass SMS-based two-factor authentication, reading call logs, and downloading as well as the installation of other malicious apps on the compromised devices without taking permission from you”.

Once you see these apps, quickly rush and uninstall them. The bad news is that most of these malicious apps are not actually applications that can be visible in your App Gallery (All Apps) but can be found in form of system apps and can only be located by visiting the settings>>>Apps and carefully looking at it to identify malicious apps.

Even though such banking Trojans are uploaded through a variety of apps that run under different developer names. But there are similarities in the codes.

Here is the list of 28 Apps that can steal your Bank details and you should consider uninstalling.

Unknowingly to you, most of these apps are advertised to be installed in-apps, in-games and on blogs. They include…

– Power Manager

– Master Cleaner – CPU Booster

– Astro Plus

– Daily Horoscope – Astrological Forecast

– Master Cleaner – CPU Booster

– Speed Cleaner – CPU Cooler

– Master Clean – Power Booster

– Horoscope 2018

– Super Boost Cleaner

– Phone Booster – Clean Master

– “Phone Cleaner – Booster

– Speed Cleaner – CPU Cooler

– Clean Master Pro Booster 2018

– Ultra Phone Booster

– Meu Horóscopo

– Super Fast Cleaner

– Master Clean – Power Booster

– Daily Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs

– Boost Your Phone

– Clean Master – Booster Pro

– Free Daily Horoscope 2019

– BoostFX.Android cleaner

– Free Daily Horoscope Plus – Astrology Online

– Daily Horoscope

– Phone Power Booster

– Personal Horoscope

– Ultra Cleaner – Power Boost

– How to stay safe

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