Billie Eilish Bad Guy Finally Dethroned Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road on Billboard Charts

Lil Nas X

News broke today that the most longest-lasting single that has been on Billboard Top 100s hot songs for 19 weeks has been finally dethroned by Billie Eilish to become the 1st hot single on the charts.

This was confirmed by BillboardĀ  Report, followed by a series of tweets from popular American celebrities and official appraisal coming from Lil Nas X whose song has been on the top 100s for 19 weeks.

Bad Guy gained its position at Billboard after dropping her Long Play album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” and Bad guy became the peak of the moment.

Billie Eilish is one of the youngest superstars who is also an American singer-songwriter, model and dancer. She starts her music career so early and general entertainment lifestyle and no doubt, she’s performing well.

Old Town Road by Lil Nas X did not only lost the position in hot 100s but also dropped to number #3 allowing Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Senorita peaking at number #2 of the charts presumed to have been on number #2 but no, Old Town Road by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Cyrus Ray dropped to #3 after 19 consecutive weeks at number #1.

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