#HaveYourSay – A New Weekly Program on Government Policies and Activities

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As part of the need to keep the public abreast on government’s activities and policies, the audience participatory program #HaveYourSay is finally back on the radio.

The media program #HaveYourSay features key ministers, DGs, MDA heads and other notable government officials who discuss the policies and action plans being implemented within their respective ministries/agencies

The media program #HaveYourSay also allows the public to interact with these key government officials via on-air phone calls and get answers to their pressing questions on government policies/activities.

The goal of the program #HaveYourSay is to create a forum where the public gains awareness on what this administration is doing via each ministry/agency and where they can finally voice their opinions and gain clarity from respective government officials that come onto the program.

The media program #HaveYourSay will air every Thursday on Radio Nigeria by 10 am. Tweets, banners and videos will equally circulate across all social media platforms with the hashtag #HaveYourSay

The phone numbers to call in for the #HaveYourSay program are 08076226771 and 07051493324.

Live-streaming of the program #HaveYourSay will be on the Protrack Facebook page in the link below: https://www.facebook.com/107455827526153/posts/107840040821065/

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