Monday Night Raw 19th August King Of The Ring Highlights and Review

King Of The Ring WWE

Monday Night Raw today is to decide who’s the king of the ring with back to back matches from the male division of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

It started with a match between Roman Reigns defending his yard and ring against Dolph Ziggler with a challenge posing that Ziggler is better than Roman Reigns and has been through a more tough time than the rival recalled that last week, Dolph has consumed 3 repeated pears from the controversion former WWE championship and Hall of Famer “Goldberg”.

The match was in honor of Ziggler abusing and insulting Hall of Famers after Summer Slam and was challenged by The Miz and Ziggler never saw it coming that he could compete against Golberg.

Although this has been the fan’s wished with accompanied tweets to suite it. “He set the tone… this is how you kickoff any show. With The Best! Loved the Roman chants. It’s a regular thing now. And it’s beautiful to hear” Coming from another fan.

A tag team competition followed the hard winning by Roman Empire from the team of “King Ricochet” and The Miz against Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin with vulnerability allowing Ricochet and The Miz to emerge winners in the competition qualifying them for the next round of the “King Of The Ring” opportunity.

The good thing about being the king of the ring is that it’s the best opportunity for their wrestler’s career. Irrespective of your reputation, winning this competition will forever be your achievement.

Samoa Joe in the other hand has defeated Cezaro after he attempted to make Joe submit but didn’t. Then Joe regained strength and revamp a submission attack to the contender and won by submission.

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